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Our Story

Angelo's Stuffed Pizza opened its doors in 1992 in the Archer Heights neighborhood, quickly making its way as one of the best pizzas in Chicago. 

Family-owned and operated, we started with one dream: creating the most amazing Chicago-style deep dish stuffed pizza in the area. Over the years, not only have we succeeded, but our crispy cheese stuffed crust pizza has turned into a classic in the neighborhood, creating deep relations and ties with the community.

The Community

At Angelo's Stuffed Pizza, we believe ingredients are essential to achieve the perfect results. Quality is what differentiates us in everything we do, and so is supporting our community. Everything in Angelo's menu is made with the highest quality fresh products, which come directly from local farmers and producers, delivering the very best for our clients in return.

Our Menu

If you are looking for an excellent pizzeria in Chicago, or you are heading back from a long trip and looking to eat a delicious pizza near Midway Airport, Angelo's Stuffed Pizza is your answer. Whether you're craving for our famous golden crust cheese stuffed pizza, our equally loved crispy thin style pizza, or any of our variety of mouth-watering dishes, sandwiches, and pastas, you are in for a treat.

Pizza Party at Angelo's

Cheese, Bella, vegetarian, Hawaiian, mushroom stuffed pizza, and more! 

We let our pizza do the talking. Don't miss out on trying our new, one-of-a-kind flavors!

The Mexican Pizza

If you are a Mexican food lover like us, this is the pizza of your dreams. Chorizo, nopales, jalapenos, and frijoles, topped with freshly ground cheese and tomato sauce. Crispy and delicious Chicago-style pizza, with a Mexican twist.

The Bella Pizza

A unique combination of 8 different mouth-watering toppings: Sausage, mushroom, onion, bell pepper, pepperoni, ham, baby spinach, and jalapenos. An authentic slice of heaven.  Click here and see for yourself how it's made!

 The best crispy, crunchy, richly stuffed pizzas are at Angelo's, made with balanced, fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. 


If you're looking for a quick bite or a delicious pizza near you, you can now order your Angelo's Stuffed Pizza favorites for takeout or delivery. 

Order your pizza online on our website and get the authentic pizza Estilo Chicago delivered to your doorstep.

Order now and taste a slice of heaven! 

The best deep dish stuffed pizza near you is waiting at Angelo's.

Click here and check out our participation in the 4th Annual Chicago Pizza Summit, featuring all-you-can-eat slices, pizza-themed experiences, and more